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Free ATM Placement

ATMnest LLC Will:

  • Buy an ATM 
  • Install the ATM by having it securely bolted to the floor.
  • Program the ATM
  • Set up the ATM’s transaction processing.
  • Continuously load it with cash.
  • Monitor the cash level and activity status.
  • Handle any maintenance or repair needs.
  • Provide supplies (i.e. receipt paper and signage)
  • Provide a toll-free, 24/7 tech support helpline. If for any reason the ATM has a problem you can notify us immediately.

All at no cost to you.

All you need to do is:

  • Provide a standard electrical outlet.
  • Show us where to place it.
  • Provide an internet line or phone line. (Optional! If these lines are not available we can connect the ATM wirelessly via a cellular network.)

Want to get an ATM installed in your business for free and get paid for it?

If you have a busy, high-traffic establishment, we will place one of our ATMs in your business, we will manage everything related to the ATM and we will pay you some of the ATM’s surcharge revenue every month. The full-service ATM placement is a completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment, making it our most popular option for those looking to get an ATM installed.



ATM Placement FAQ

Will my location qualify for a Free ATM Placement?

Estimated traffic volume and location will determine eligibility.

Any establishments that are busy or have heavy or constant foot traffic will likely qualify. Locations in downtown areas or commercial districts are more likely to qualify.

An example of a qualifying location is a big hotel (with more than 100 rooms), a gas station/convenience store, or a busy nightclub/bar.

For more examples of locations that would typically qualify for a Free ATM Placement, see here.

To find out if you qualify, just contact us and tell us about your location.

How will I get paid?

Commission is paid via check sent in the mail.

The ATM commission checks usually arrive about 15 days after the end of each quarter (every 3 months)

For example:
– After January 15th (for Q4 commissions)
– After April 15th (for Q1 commissions)
– After July 15th (for Q2 commissions)
– After October 15th (for Q3 commissions)

Some locations qualify to receive monthly direct-deposit. If you wish to receive monthly ACH credit instead of check, please contact our customer service reps to see if this is possible for your account.

What do I need to connect the ATM?

The one thing we will definitely need to run the ATM is a standard electrical outlet.

If you’re able to provide a phone line or internet line for us to connect the ATM we would prefer to do it that way. However if a phone or internet line is not available we can connect the ATM wirelessly via a Verizon cellular network.

Can I see how many transactions the machine is doing?

As with our other ATM programs, you will have access to online transaction reports, at no extra cost.

Do You Qualify For A Free ATM Placement?

To see if you qualify, do one of the following

  • Contact us today through the general contact form at the bottom of this page and an ATMnest LLC service representative will call/email you right away.
  • Call our office during business hours: 1-989-975-0213
  • BEST OPTION: Complete the ATM Placement Request Information Form below. Take a few extra minutes and tell us exactly what we need to know. If your location qualifies for placement, our team will be in touch with an ATM Placement Agreement.

    The surcharge is the fee the cardholder pays to use the ATM. A typical surcharge is $2.99-$3.99. Higher surcharge makes it more likely that we’ll be able to place the ATM since there’s more revenue from each transaction (thus requiring fewer total transactions to sustain).

    (Also select “Yes” if you currently have an ATM in your business now and wish to switch ATM providers)

    When would the ATM be accessible?

    If so, please describe where it will be placed at.

    e.g. in the lobby, next to the cash register, in the front of the store, back of the store, etc..

    We prefer to connect using a hardwired method if possible, but if neither are available we can connect wirelessly to a Verizon cellular network using a special modem.

    For security purposes the ATM must be bolted to the floor. What type of floor is in the spot where the ATM will be placed at?

    The sign will be provided by ATMnest LLC at no cost. This will attract people outside into the business and increase monthly transactions.

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